WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE WORKSHOP PRICE? Travel to and from Lucca, Italy is your own responsibility, however when you arrive at our Lucca hotel, and at the end of the workshop, the rest is pretty much “All Inclusive”. We will pay for your hotel, all in-country day trip transportation, all breakfasts and dinners, all admission fees to cultural locations, and two instructors! The only exceptions are the cost of lunch, because lunch is often free time, and also alcoholic drinks at meals.

WHAT IS THE STUDENT/INSTRUCTOR RATIO? We rarely have more than six students per instructor. As we have two instructors the group size is usually around 10 workshop participants.

HOW DO I KNOW IF THIS WORKSHOP IS A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS? Please Google search the instructors Mark Hemmings Photography (and check his website, www.markhemmings.com) and James Wilson Photography (website: www.jameswilson.ca) to get a sense of who the instructors are, and their on-line reputation. Both instructors are also on the main social media platforms.

HOW MANY YEARS HAVE YOU BOTH BEEN TEACHING WORKSHOPS? We started international photography workshops in 2005 in Japan, and expanded annually to include Korea, Hungary, Romania/Transylvania, and England. In 2007 we formalized our workshop name to be San Miguel Photography Workshops Inc. The 2023 San Miguel workshop will be our 15th annual Mexican workshop, and the third Italy Photo Workshop.

WHAT LEVEL OF PHOTOGRAPHER DO I NEED TO BE TO JOIN THIS WORKSHOP? As we have two instructors we are able to welcome complete beginners who do not even know how to operate a camera, to working professionals who want to expand their horizons.

WHAT KIND OF CAMERA DO I NEED TO BRING? We can teach participants that come with any type of camera, including mobile phone cameras. The type and cost of a camera is less of an issue than becoming grounded in compositional principles. If you have a tripod please bring it, if you don’t own one, no problem. We do plan on some night photography plus interior photography, so a tripod would be useful.

DO YOU ACCOMMODATE SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS? We do our best to make everyone happy with great food, and will work hard to have food that is good for you to eat. The best thing to do is email us with your specific dietary requirements before you sign-up, and we can get back to you with an answer.

Our hotel is the pink building in the background