CHRISTINE MORISSETTE – Winding cobblestone lanes, slanting sun on medieval walls, chasing light at night, one-on-one photography lessons . . . this was my wonderful week in Lucca with professional photographers Mark Hemmings and James Wilson. They challenged me to become a closer observer of the world around me, and a better photographer in an amazingly beautiful setting. I don’t hesitate to recommend the Italy Photo Workshop to anyone seeking a unique and focussed photography experience.

MICHAEL RATNER – The workshop in Lucca with Jamie and Mark exceeded expectations. I have concentrated on travel photography for years but this was my first formal experience. The advantages of a small group, perfect balance of well-paced individual and group learning sessions and of course the appeal of the lovely city with delicious food, scenery, and street life. I learned a lot about composition and technique. And of course we had so much fun! I’m eager for another journey with Jamie and Mark next year.

TRACEY KESSNER – Going to Italy with James Wilson and Mark Hemmings was a delight. For one week we slept in a lovely little hotel in Lucca, Italy where the staff was extremely helpful and friendly, the food was excellent, and the location was ideal for walking around the walled city. The photography sessions were broken up into group time with walking tours and lessons on the fly and included discussions about lighting, street photography, and how to capture the essence of a scene. Lunchtime was also a midday break to allow for a bit of solo time before class resumed in the afternoon for slides and more discussion about technique with plenty of examples and Q&A. The end of each day was capped with another photo walk and delicious dinners in local restaurants. I highly recommend the Italy workshop as it’s well worth the trip. I polished up my old skills and learned new techniques. It changes how you view a scene and teaches you that great shots are ubiquitous, not just in the golden hours!